Music by Pigni / Lyrics by Christina Rossetti

A short poem again linked to the Brotherhood of Pre-Raphaelite since Georgina was Dante's Gabriel Rossetti's sister but a distinguished poet on her own. Basically I was looking for a poem from a woman's point of view and wanted to write a simple and merry 3 minutes song….sort of you know give me a few minutes to breathe and be jolly amidst all this long and or "heavy" stuff… but to no avail until one night while in bed before sleep this melody began playing in my head, I wasn't that convinced it was worth getting up in the dead and cold of night and write this tune but I decided to give it a chance and picked up one of my poetry collection and bumped into this, the words seemed to match perfectly this rather folkish music although they are quite melancholic, but I liked the contrast again and, moreover, I wanted to get back into my warm bed and sleep ! I bet somebody out there would think, indeed why didn't you bloody get back to sleep sooner and do not write it ! Eventually Luca suggested to make a few changes and add lib vocals a la Beach Boys at the end which really thrilled me being a Brian Wilson enthusiast and in the end I think it's a whimsical folk rock song a la Caravan (or I wish it was indeed ) with a moog solo and Beach Boys vocals in the end...quite funny ! Actually I demoed the lead vocal and for some obscure reason I was trying to sing like Richard Sinclair…..I got in touch with him and asked him if he was interested in having a go at lead voice…and here we are Ladies & Gentlemen… of the warmest voice in the history of rock and roll and just in case that's not enough one of the greatest bass players, Mr. Richard a matter of fact he added his bass lines as well !