Scotland The Place

Music & Lyrics by Pigni

Now you must realise that I am a sort of Scotland enthusiast…indeed this was written after my trip there a few years ago when I had the privilege to attend a Scottish Knights Templar ceremony in Rosslyn Chapel. I was overwhelmed by the genuine warmness of the Scots and the lyrics try to convey such joyfulness. The lyrics, just like on Lady of Shallot are a juxtaposition of two scenes so to speak; in the verses I sort of imagined two people deep in love in one of those moments when words are redundant (no, I am NOT hinting to lustful sex….maybe on the next album !) and being a new romantic or progmantic myself if you like, I needed a background immersed in the country….it could have been Kent indeed…but Scotland has this wild and almost ancient feel to it that makes this place unique: the refrain and the middle eight are actually a sort of tribute lyrically to Scotland and to the ideals it represents also metaphorically and the whole concepts put together were highly charming to me. Musically I think we are in the area of acid-folk-rock I suppose…Luca suggested I played my acoustic bass and it was fun and great….this time I managed to sound a bit like Jack Casady and not Chris Squire as ever ! At one point I made contacts with another hero of mine and great musician Dave Lawson (Web, Samurai and Greenslade just to name a few) and he nicely decided to add his glorious Fender Rhodes piano (yes, that one !) which brought this whimsical track (as he called it !) to another level ! Thank you so much Dave ! Again Luca contributed very much, turning what was maybe a Norwegian Wood-Jethro Tullesque song into something weird ultimately.