Clare's Song

Music by Pigni / Lyrics by John Clare

Looking for poems appropriate for songwriting I bumped into this one by John Clare…which is sometimes known as Song or Love lives beyond the tomb...we thought Clare's Song sounded better ! Once more the subject lyrically is not entirely jolly but after all life is made of shades and lights ( we come with a cry and we should leave with a laugh …let's not forget that ! ) but anyway there's a genuine belief in love underneath going on in these lyrics and a positive attitude and therefore the music is quite refreshing with a bit of luck and I purposely kept it a three minutes song …I thought I had fulfilled the proggiest side of me with the mini epics of Shallott, Byron and Flaming June…… but eventually it turned out a sort pocket prog song hopefully...prockett !! I love Luca's electric guitars harmonies here !