Sonnet 116

Music by Pigni / Lyrics by William Shakespeare

A short and quiet acoustic number written with one of those opening tunes favoured by one of my heroes, David Crosby; this was written a few years ago when I think I was going through a very difficult time personally, after the break up of my marriage; all my beliefs and expectations in love had crumbled and I found myself contemplating on the concept; I happened to watch once again the film from Jane Austen's novel Sense and Sensibility and heard again these remarkable lines on the subject of love written by the English bard; so one day strumming along on my only real love at the time, Kate (my faithful Guild acoustic guitar) I wrote the song quite instantly….eventually it seemed very strange to sing of love when I was so far away from it but it helped me to think that maybe there was still hope at the end of the tunnel. It seemed appropriate to us, also given the sort of feminine thread going through the album, to invite a gentle lass to sing such lines and Sara Bossi came on board and did a splendid job with her stirring voice alongside with the vocals arrangement that turned the song a bit into a Renaissance ballad…hopefully William Shakespeare won't be too disappointed at all ! Grazie Sara !