Stanzas For Music

Music by Pigni / Lyrics by Lord Byron

They Said That Hope Is Happiness
On The Bust Of Helen By Canova
Reflect The Nature

Well…I assume if one wants to put to music some poems, Lord Byron cannot be neglected! Once again I picked up my British poetry book and searched for some inspiring lyrics and possibly those short enough to be fitted into a song ! So I wrote the song very quickly but it grew and grew in duration and I found myself with a new part that required extra lyrics…..I didn't particularly panic, I simply took the next short poem on the same page and once again it fitted and the two sort of related to themselves, again a rather gloomy meditation on the fleeting life…but this time I wanted to write something dipped with drama musically…I wrote this on the piano and I always loved such Tony Banks long songs like One for The Vine which features different melodies, harmonies etc. ….so when the song was apparently over I came up a few months later with the long instrumental coda, basically because on the next page of my poetry book there were no more Byron's verses that could do the trick this time !...obviously my awkward attempt to homage Genesis has miserably failed ! This said, I thought that my piano playing wasn't doing justice to the piece and I approached Rick Wakeman, whom I had met on a few occasions in the backstage of Yesshows or solo shows. He kindly accepted to have a go and together with his skilled sound engineer Erik Jordan worked splendidly on the piece with his unique style. Luca later added equally more great keyboards and guitars parts making this one the proggest track on the album...bravo Luca !!. I had originally written the vocal line of part 2 for an alto voice so I thought about another "hero" of mine, David Paton of Pilot and Alan Parsons Project just to name a few: I made contacts with him and he was kind as well to say yes, working out fantastic vocals … Well, I would have never imagined even in my wildest dream to have such great talents as David & Rick on the same track…actually to sort of reunite them on a song of mine…but it happened…how magic…thank you both !!